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abbreviations, also, and, bad jokes, badfic, bl, black butler, buddhism, capslock, crossdressing, dylan moran, eddie izzard, endearments, epic, fanficcing, fashion, fullmetal alchemist, funnies, gay, hitchcock, it's a trap!, kuroshitsuji, lolfail, long-entries-with-no-purpose, long-words-tied-together-with-hyphens, manga/anime, monty python, more porn, online comics, ponies, porn, psych, rainbows, sarcasm, short-entries-with-no-purpose, shotas-molested-by-pervo-demon-butlers, slash, slut!ed, south park, summer, tea, the daily show, unicorns, useless information, wat, weird poetry, woody allen, world domination, yaoi, yuri, zombie survival
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